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£1,745 p/p

£1,845 p/p

£1,995 p/p

Tour Overview 

We meet at Folkestone to board the train to Calais where we ride through France, Holland and Belgium before arriving at our hotel which is located a short distance over the German border. Your tour then takes you through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and into Italy where we ride two of the most iconic passes in the Alps. One arrival at tonight's hotel you will be greeted by a member of our team with a welcome drink and details of tonight's 10th anniversary gala dinner. After a couple of nights at our fabulous hotel in Austria we continue our journey through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and France before boarding the train back to the UK, Yes that's 14 countries in 13 days!

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Tour Itinerary (Click on the blue box for details of each days ride)
Folkestone to Meerbusch, Germany Via France, Holland & Belgium
Miles: 257

We meet in Folkestone at the Eurotunnel for the start of the Great Escape Adventure. After a short 35 minute crossing we begin our journey along the motorway through France, Belgium, the Netherlands and into Germany to our first hotel.

After a welcoming briefing our guests can choose either to dine in the hotel for the evening or to join the tour guides in taking a short trip across the river for a stroll to a local village eatery, which offers traditional German cuisine, pizza and the tour guide’s old favorite, a plate of gyros.


Our hotel for the night is situated conveniently on the banks of the river Rhine. From the terrace we overlook a quick and efficient old style car ferry service that will take us over the river for dinner in a neighboring village.

Meerbusch to Goslar
Miles: 212
Mohne dam.jpg

Our second day welcomes the sight of our first major attraction: the Mohne Dam. After a fuelling breakfast in the hotel we cross the Rhine by ferry, beginning our journey to the Harz Region town of Goslar.

We ride into the town of Mohne on the banks of the Mohneesee reservoir, home to the famous dam that was successfully bombed by Guy Gibson and his colleagues with the bouncing bomb during WWII. Today the reservoir is used as a recreational area by both locals and holiday makers alike. 


Scheduled arrival is around 1130hrs (just in time for lunch!), where you can treat yourself to a traditional bratwurst/currywurst and pommes (sausage and chips) at a superb, little imbis.

Parking at the dam is at a cost of 1 Euro and if you are in need of a toilet stop, there is a 70 cent charge so please have some small change on you if you want to spend a penny!!

We aim to depart by 1300hrs ready to ride some breathtaking roads boasting beautiful views of the countryside all the way into Goslar.

Meal options here are similar to the first night. There is a restaurant within the hotel or the option to walk down into the town center where there is a wide variety of places to eat.

Goslar to Altenberg
Miles: 220

Today starts with another early breakfast at the hotel before riding off on a Harz adventure. It would be rude to leave the Harz Mountains without some playing on the incredible roads first!

The first part of the morning ride sees us climbing and descending the winding roads of the mountains through dense forests and stunning scenery until we reach our first stop at the Sösestausee reservoir.

The rest of the morning ride is equally as spectacular and offers you some early indications of what to expect on the Austrian mountain roads. (Look at it as a practice ride).

Riding into what was once East Germany you will notice a subtle change in the housing and overall feel of the country. Not so subtle is the location for our well-deserved lunch break, a beautiful inland lake and castle nestled by the side of our route to Leipzig: Sussersee.

The afternoon ride leads us into the town of Colditz where the impressive Colditz Castle stands on the hill, perhaps better known as a POW camp for British WWII officers. We will be parking the bikes in the prisoners courtyard while we visit the museum. It is well worth visiting. In the museum you will see the true ingenuity of the officers who tried to escape, it will no doubt amaze you.

We then continue our ride east to out hotel. 

Altenberg to Piekary Slakie, Poland
Miles: 364

We have a great days riding in store for you today as we ride through the Czech Republic heading into Poland.

After breakfast and a quick check of our bikes we are ready to begin our journey through some of best riding roads the Czech Republic has to offer.

This is a longer day of riding with approximately 374 miles covered. Your reward becomes clear upon arrival at our luxury 5* hotel for the night where we will eat, drink and reminisce on a great day’s ride.

Piekary Slakie to Martin, Slovakia
Miles: 142

Today is all about relaxation and reflection. After a long day in the saddle yesterday we have a late breakfast at the hotel and ride a short distance to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau.

On arrival we will park the bikes and join a fully guided tour of both Auschwitz and Birkenau. The tour will take about 3 hours to complete and is extremely moving as to be expected.

There will be plenty of opportunity to buy a light lunch before we head south into Slovakia to our hotel for the night.

Martin to Cserszegtomaj, Hungary
Miles: 292

Today is a stunning ride. You will need to have your passports at the ready as we leave Poland and cross the border back into the Czech Republic briefly before riding south through Slovakia and into Hungary.

A number of the small towns and villages that we ride through still resemble local life as you would imagine it to be back in the day of the East/West divide.

There will be an opportunity to take a dip and cool off on arrival. Afterwards we will be eating at the on-site restaurant tonight where you can expect to get change from a ten pound note for a 12” pizza and a well-deserved beverage or two.

Cserszegtomaj to Rijeka, Croatia
Miles: 247

More border-crossing again today as we ride out of Hungary, into Slovenia for a short distance and then into Croatia to experience some of the roads that have been deemed the best each country has to offer.

Our final destination for today is the picturesque harbor city of Rijeka on the Croatian coast where we will be sleeping on the water for the night. 

After a relaxing and much needing beverage on board we head across the street to a lovely Croatian restaurant for dinner and to watch life go by.

Rijeka to Heiligenblut, Austria
Miles: 239

After breakfast on the boat, we head north into Slovenia once again for more mountains and windy roads. The sights are spectacular and the riding is fairly challenging. Today is not for the faint-hearted.

We will climb to a point where the tarmac on the mountain roads depletes, leaving us with only the mountain track to ride through the forest, up and over the mountain before reuniting with the tarmac for a spectacular ride to our scheduled lunch stop


This is where we will be met with the tour burger challenge – all will become clear in due course.

Heiligenblut to Kaunertal
Miles: 205

Today starts with another early breakfast at the hotel before riding off on an amazing days adventure where the riding and scenery will blow your mind.

Our whole day is spent playing on the best roads that the Austrian Alps have to offer. After regular breaks for cake and coffee and of course lunch we ride to our 5* hotel for the next two nights.

On arrival at the hotel after we enter the large motorcycle garage you will be greeted by their friendly staff offering you a small glass of snaps before being shown to your room to relax in a hot shower before coming down to the bar for dinner.

Tonight is a special night as BC Motorcycle Tours have laid on a special gala dinner to celebrate their 10th Anniversary of providing motorcycle adventures to their customers.  We will be joined by the Black Forest & Alps tour group who will have arrived at the same time for this special occasion.

DAY 10
Today you chose where you want to ride
Open Miles

Your tour guides will be leading a number of different ride outs from our hotel so you can chose to join them or if you prefer, you could chose to ride one of 9 different routes at your own pace. (Maps and guidance will be provided if you chose this option)

Our rides will include a ride up to the Kaunertal Glacier and of course it would be rude not to ride the world famous Stelvio Pass. 

The hotel offers coffee and cake in the afternoon in case you feel a little peckish after your days ride and a four course evening meal for dinner.

DAY 11
Kaunertal to Hochenschwand, Germany Via Liechtenstein
Miles: 172

This morning we say goodbye to the Alps but don't be too sad as we have still have some amazing roads to ride on our way to Lichtenstein for lunch. 

Our ride then takes us through Switzerland and into Germany again where we stay at the foot of the famous B500. this is the amazing road that snakes its way north through the heart of the Black Forest. I guess we might have to find somewhere to sample some traditional Black Forest Gateaux.

Our hotel is situated on the B500 where we will relax and enjoy an evening meal in anticipation of tomorrows ride through the forest.

DAY 12
Hochenschwand to Tinqueux, France
Miles: 250

After a tasty breakfast at the hotel we ride out for another great day’s riding on what is officially the last day of the tour.

Crossing the border into France, we spend the day zigzagging through small French villages as we make our way towards Tinqueux for our final night of the Great Escape Adventure.

At dinner we will toast what will have been the most amazing 12 days riding on some of Europe's best roads with great new friends.

DAY 13
Tinqueux to Calais
Miles: 183

Today is where the Great Escape Adventure sadly comes to an end.

It is a relaxing day where you can decide what to visit and where to ride.

The tour guides will be heading back to Calais where they will board the train back to the UK.

You are welcome to join them if you wish.

Your tour includes the following:
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Return (Standard) Eurotunnel crossing
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
12 nights 2,3 or 4* hotel accommodation
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Fully guided Tour by a professional tour guide
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Breakfast at the hotel
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Four course evening meal at specified hotel for two nights in Austria
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
10th Anniversary Gala Dinner 
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Detailed tour pack
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Pre tour function (Optional)
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Daily briefings
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Our guides carry a comprehensive first aid and tool kit
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Help and guidance to improve your touring experience
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Free BC Motorcycle Tours bike stickers
Personal travel insurance (Quote me now)
Trip cancellation insurance
Meals other than those specified
Personal Souvenirs
Parking fees
24 hour roadside assistance
Green Card
Anything not indicated by a green tick in this section
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