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Normandy, France



8 Days




2nd June


9th June


Solo Rider (Shared accommodation)  £995

Rider carrying pillion (Shared accommodation)  £995  

Support Vehicle Driver (Shared accommodation)  £995

Pillion (Shared accommodation)  £995

Beneficiary Pillion (Shared accommodation)  £995

Beneficiary Rider (Shared accommodation)  £995

Support Vehicle Passenger (Shared accommodation)  £995

Tour Overview 

This eight day tour will provide both the riders and our wounded, injured and sick servicemen and servicewomen with a real incite into what went on prior to, during and immediately after the D-Day landings on June 6th 1944. We have a fantastic relationship with the owners of the 5* campsite that we have used for the last 5 years which is located on Utah beach.  Our advanced party will have the everything in place for you prior to your arrival including our tented accommodation and the dining area and field kitchen that will keep you well fed for the duration on this challenge.  Each day you will be led out from the campsite to an array of places of interest (see itinerary for full details).  

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Tour Itinerary (Click on the blue box for details of each days ride)
Poole to Cherbourg
Miles: 40

To kick off this eight-day adventure you will be welcomed by our team at the Brittany ferry terminal in Cherbourg, where the group will travel together to Normandy. 

From there you will be escorted down to a small coastal village called Ravenoville. Situated directly adjacent to Utah beach is the 5-star campsite that you will call home for the week. Day 1 is your time to unpack, familiarise yourself with the amenities and even (weather-depending) relax by the pool before the evening team briefing. 

Dead Man's Corner and St Mere Eglise
Miles: 50

After breakfast and the morning briefing, our first visit takes us to Dead Man's corner where you can experience the Dakota simulator and visit the museum and cinema. This will help to set the scene for the rest of your 80th Anniversary D-Day tour.

From there we will travel to the nearby village of St Mere-Eglise, one of the many picturesque towns in Normandy. It was here that American paratroopers from the 505th were scattered around the town and where the story of John Steele, who unfortunately got tangled on the spire of the church, is retold year upon year. 

American Museum and Overlord Museum
Miles: 80

If you haven't already seen Saving Private Ryan, perhaps you should before today’s morning ride out. We will be retracing the steps of the opening scenes of this film upon our visit to the American Cemetery and Omaha beach. 

From there we will pay a visit to the Overlord museum where you can learn about the events that took place on Omaha Beach and the surrounding area.


Pegasus Bridge and Merville Battery
Miles: 140
Pegasus Bridge.jpg

Day 4 is spent visiting Pegasus Bridge and the memorial museum. Pegasus Bridge was vital to the Allied invasion, allowing the move forward through France.. Major ‘John’ Howard with the Horsa Gliders had the task of taking the bridge and we will be following the story of the landings with a museum tour.

We will also take refreshments in the famous Café Gondree. The information supplied by the Gondree family to the British forces was vital to the success of this mission. In the afternoon we will be visiting the Merville battery and museum, a gun battery that was this time taken by the British forces.

Miles: Open

After breakfast we will head across the road and onto Utah beach to lay a BT4TW wreath in memory of all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. 


You will then have a free day to explore the local area before returning to camp for a BBQ evening meal.  

Pointe Du Hoc, Arromanches and Port-en-Bessin
Miles: 110

This morning we ride to Pointe du Hoc where. due to bad weather and navigation problems., the American Rangers had to climb the 100ft cliffs only to be confronted by an arsenal of German fortification. Bring your head torches to enter the bunkers, machine gun posts, barrack rooms, medical centre and much more.

Then we will call upon the town of Arromanches, famous for one of the greatest engineering feats of World War Two: the Mulberry Harbour.

Then onto the town of Port-en-Bassin. This is the town that was liberated by the british Royal Marines on June 6th 1944.

Visits the the British and German Cemeteries
Miles: 85

We ride out today to the city of Bayeux where we will visit the British cemetery to lay another BT4TW wreath. When we have finished paying our respects to the fallen we will visit the museum of the Battle of Normandy.

After lunch, we head back towards camp with a stop at the German cemetery for more reflection. then back to camp for our evening meal.

Cherbourg to Poole
Miles: Open

Time to pack your bikes, but you still have the whole day to yourselves before meeting at the ferry port in Cherbourg to return to the UK.

So whether it is a trip back down the coastline, a ride over to the west coast, a chance to re-visit your favourite attraction or museum or a day in Cherbourg to buy a souvenir for your partner, the day is yours to decide.

Your Tour includes the following:
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Daily guided ride outs to the major D-Day attractions.
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
7 nights of  5* tented accommodation.
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
 All group breakfasts, packed lunch and evening meals.
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
Our tour guides will provide daily summaries and inform you of the history of route.
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Return Ferry crossing for Beneficiaries only
Your cross channel ferry unless you area WIS Pillion.
Airbeds, roll mats, camp cots, sleeping bags, pillows etc.
Alcoholic beverages, meals other than those supplied.
Trip Cancellation Insurance or Personal Travel Insurance.
Personal D-Day Souvenirs.
Admission fees to all Museums and National Parks (on our scheduled route).
All Fuel and Oil for your Motorcycle.
Any necessary riding gear and or personal effects.
Transfers to the ferry port.
Parking fees.
Shipping of any excess baggage, souvenirs, helmets, etc … To or from to your home.
Comprehensive first aid and tool kits
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What our participants thought about the 2023 tour:
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I’ve been on many tours with bt4tw enjoy every single minute, this Normandy tour June 2023 has been great seeing many of Normandy memorial locations.

Each day everything is planned, and the knowledge of Darren and Andy makes the tour interesting and fun, great food and drinks every day, meeting new people including 3 veterans from USA who all had an amazing trip.

Would highly recommend any tour bt4tw has in the future. 

Thanks to everyone at bt4tw for all your hard work including Amy and Abby and Paul.

5 Stars.png
Ken Bennett - Rider
right-1712992_1280 - Copy.png
5 Stars.png
Larry Arnold - US Veteran

After a three year delay, we are incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to come from the United States to join the Bike Tours for the Wounded on the 2023 Normandy tour.  Every aspect of the tour was amazing.  The organization of the tour was meticulous, and the staff took care of our every need. The daily rides were well planned and safe. 


Andy, the tour guide, was very knowledgeable about the WWII sites that we visited, making each day a day to remember. 


Without exception, the people (staff and riders) were incredible to meet and treated us like family.  Having suffered a medical emergency, the staff ensured that I was cared for and picked me up at the hospital to get me back with the group to enjoy the entire tour. 


Thank you, Darren and Bike Tours for the Wounded!

5 Stars.png
Tim Griffith - Rider

This is my second time with BT4TW the first time was in year 2022 over in America L.A. to Denver Colorado, I had the best time and experience of my life meeting awesome people and making good friends, and being given the opportunity to be part of the BT4TW team again, I didn’t have to think twice when I asked, this Normandy 2023 tour has been a very special time visiting all the beaches and the historic sites / memorabilia, I will be on the best of the west in august 2024 if I’m asked and have the opportunity.


Thank you so so much to all the members of the support team and to the riders/veterans I’m making me feel so welcome. BT4TW LIVE ON!

5 Stars.png
Alan Doyle - Rider

What an amazing experience, getting possibly the best, most comprehensive tour covering the placed and events surrounding D Day, well planned and delivered in a package suitable for riders. The guide made the places come alive with what happened during the campaign.


The campsite, food and camaraderie make it worth it alone.


The icing on the cake is knowing that by being on this tour and taking a pillion who is a beneficiary you are helping them deal with the next stage of their lives.


You could spend a year trying to plan a tour like this but it could not get close to how good this one is.

5 Stars.png
Tim Norris - Rider

Bike Tours for The Wounded or BT4TW is probably one of the best tours I have been lucky enough to have been involved in, this includes 2 tours to the USA, the Joggle and now this tour to Normandy.


Darren and the team have done a fantastic job as always.


It is always an honour and privilege to meet everyone on tour, especially the vets who have done us all proud with everything that they have done to keep us safe.

5 Stars.png
Brian Leach - Beneficiary

This was my 5th tour with BT4TW and was as enjoyable as the rest. 


it is an amazing experience am so glad I done this tour when the opportunity came up,  I jumped at it straight away.


I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.  Darren and the team are so good and knowledgeable, it was an  unbelievable experience. 

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5 Stars.png
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