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11 Days










Support Driver

Support Vehicle Passenger

£4,595 p/p

£1,450 p/p

£2,295 p/p


Tour Overview 

This tour offers some of the most stunning scenery the Wild West of America has to offer.  Riding through Nevada, Arizona, Utah... 

Tour Itinerary (Click on the blue box for details of each days ride)
Preparation day in Las Vegas, Nevada
Miles: 000
Las Vegas, Nevada to Bryce Canyon, Utah
Miles: 285
Bryce Canyon, Utah to Blanding, Utah
Miles: 300
Blanding, Utah to Springerville, Arizona
Miles: 293
Springerville, Arizona to Tombstome, Arizona
Miles: 269
Down day in Tombstone, Arizona
Miles: 000
Tombstone, Arizona to Cave Creek, Arizona
Miles: 230
Cave Creek, Arizona to Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Miles: 210
Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada
Miles: 219
Return flight to the UK
Miles: 000
Arrive home
Miles: 000
Your tour includes the following:
Nine nights of quality hotels / motels
Welcome meeting and Tour Briefing
Daily breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal
Guaranteed choice of rented motorcycle
Unlimited mileage
All fuel and oil for your motorcycle
Admission fees to all Museums and National Parks (on our scheduled route)
Any tolls, parking fees (any gratuities are additional)
The tour will be guided by a professional Route 66 veteran who will give daily summaries and tell of the history of Route 66
Transfers to and from the Airport and Hotel in the US
Motorcycle rental and the required liability insurance
24 hour roadside assistance
Support vehicle at all times with a spare bike 
Luggage carried on the support vehicle.
Ice cold water, soft drinks and snacks throughout each day
Pre tour function including tour briefing
Comprehensive first aid and tool kits
BC Motorcycle Tours bike stickers
Your airfare to and from the US (Although it is arranged for you under a group booking)
Your ESTA (Visa Waiver to travel to the US) This costs $14 from the US Embassy / website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta
Personal Travel Insurance. Click here for a competitive quote that covers you on larger motorcycles
Heading 6
Meals (Other than what is indicated) and tips, refreshments and your Alcoholic Beverages
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Personal Souvenirs
Shipping of any excess baggage, souvenirs, helmets, etc … To or from to your home
Any necessary riding gear and / or personal effects
Transfers to and from the Airport in the UK
Parking fees
Anything not indicated by a green tick in this section
What our participants think:

Being Ex-forces and also a biker it just made sense to give something back and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. I signed up for the Wild West 1 Challenge in 2018 as rider and headed out to the USA in May. What an absolutely amazing trip! I now know why it’s called a “challenge” though, both mentally and physically but so rewarding with the sites you see and the people you meet.
What you also will take away from the trip is life long memories and the knowledge that the beneficiaries have taken part in something they never thought possible. To see the change in only the first few days, with smiles and laughter (and an odd tear) return to people’s faces who probably spend a lot of their time back home with untold worries on their shoulders is priceless. You don’t have to ex-forces to “get it” so my advice is save up, sign up and potentially change somebody’s life in a good way! BT4TW tours ticks all the boxes and many more. You won’t regret it……..”You Decide”……..

Tim Ryan on Wild West Motorcycle Challenge

I did the Wild West Challenge in June and it was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was brilliantly organised with some surprises along the way and the hospitality we experienced was out of this world. As a beneficiary, I got so much out of it. The camaraderie was as you'd expect but I also felt that the guys and girls helped me to settle some stuff in my mind and I'm still reflecting on it now. I'm doing Normandy next year and am trying to get the word out there to get more sponsors to say thank you to Darren and everyone else involved at BC Motorcycle Tours and BT4TW.

Clare Van Der Marel on Wild West Motorcycle Challenge

Full 5 stars! BT4TW needs to add extra stars if they want to keep improving their tours like this each year! I was a rider on WW Aug/Sept 2018 with a beneficiary as my pillion. As a bike tour it couldn't be faulted. Well organised, good bikes, great itinerary. But these tours are so much more than just bike tours. The beneficiaries are great people to meet and to hear their stories and, as you can read, they value the experience greatly. Being hosted at Legion posts means you meet real Americans and have a great time. They are so kind and generous. And you meet other surprise characters too....but you will have to come on a tour to find out about them, LOL! And for me personally seeing the improvement in two returning beneficiaries whom I met on a tour in 2017 , and knowing that several of this year's beneficiaries have found the courage to go back to biking and intend to be riders and help other beneficiaries to be pillions next year is worth all the gold stars in the World.

Adrian on Wild West Motorcycle Challenge

I was invited on the tour literally 10 days before it embarked and initially was running about trying to sort things out so I could get on this amazing trip. Any how I finally got my admin sorted and we traveled to London where I met other ex wounded veterans at the airport. The whole group was a complete mixed bag and no one seem to know what to expect and initially everybody was a bit stand offish. but as the tour went on Day by day in fact I would say hour by hour people were bonding ,making new friendships with plenty banter thrown around . Every town and place we visited we were greeted by a fantastic American spirit with huge warm welcomes making you feel like royalty if not a little humbled and overwhelmed by it all. However it was amazing nevertheless . I would like to thank Darren and the team at bike tours for the wounded and BC Motorcycle Tours for this amazing experience
I will never forget and look for to more adventures with this amazing charitable organisation.

Craig Greenhalgh on Wild West Motorcycle Challenge

Hi guys, firstly I would like to thank all the crew at Bike tours for the Wounded.
I've recently come back from one of the Wild West tours, and to say it's changed my like is an understatement, Not only did everybody on the tour pull together as a team, it was also good to have like minded people to talk to, or give and take banter from.

I mention to Darren that the experience of just being in the company of Military minded brothers and sisters, felt soul cleansing and the fact that everything is run with Military timings was like having a blast from the past. ( actually, blast was probably the wrong word for me?) Haha
I also found that just being sat on the back of them fantastic motorcycles with nothing stressful to worry about, gave me the first opportunity to have a good think, and put some stuff to bed, or as I put it, Deleting files inside my head.

This experience has motivated to save up to buy my own Harley Davidson, with the view of joining in on a future ride out and hopefully raise some money for charity..

Thanks to Pavlo, my rider and thanks to everybody at BT4TW

Ned Kelly. on Wild West Motorcycle Challenge

What can I say, this opportunity was unbelievable. the organisation, before, during and after was exceptional. The UK admin team provided all the help and guidance you could want in preparation for flying out, even proactively checking to ensure that I had got everything I would need.

On arrival at the airport, the transit from checking in to boarding the plane was seamless. All the first time veterans were initially quiet and nervous, but by the time we arrived in Las Vegas, many of us had started to come out of our shells.

On arrival, we again moved smoothly through immigration and customs, where US Immigration and Customs people were really good and very helpful. Then it was on to the hotel, teamed up with our roommates, for me, this was the first time I had shared a room with someone other than my ex wife in over 12 years. The BT4TW team had clearly managed to gauge our personalities and needs as I do not think anyone had any snags with their 'buddy'.

The tour itself was phenomenal, my rider, Hutch, was easy going and we hit it off straight away. he was an expert on the Indian motorcycle that we were on and even though I had not ridden pillion in over 30 years, I was was not nervous once.

The scenery, welcome from the American people wherever we went and the company in the group along with the peace an serenity of riding along with music playing and the sound of the wind in my ears made this a truly memorable experience.

I cannot recommend BT4TW highly enough. The tour has improved my mental outlook, my appreciation of the wider world and the opportunities within it and brought me out of a prolonged period of social isolation. My confidence in social situations is now closer to what it used to be than before I went.

I cannot thank Darren, Mark, Amy, Bekkie and the entire team for all they have done for me and the other veterans. If you get the opportunity to take part in one of these challenges, do it. I can almost guarantee you will not regret it.

Would I go with BT4TW again? In a heartbeat.

Simon Zammit on Wild West Motorcycle Challenge

Just WOW had an amazing time with some wonderful guys and the riders were. I would do it again tomorrow if I could even though I was hurting most days nothing new there . Having done Route 66 last year and had an amazing time on that tour just had to do this 1 when offered place . Tour guides are top blokes and know there stuff and theres always a jack wagon on hand if the going gets a bit to tough . Have had 2 excellent riders on both tours and this guys are awesome

Brian Leach on Wild West Motorcycle Challenge

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